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Cut, Potted and Pot Grown Christmas Trees Explained

Cut, Potted and Pot Grown Christmas Trees Explained

Christmas Tree Confusion?

Christmas trees have been used in homes since 1500’s being grown and decorated for the Christian Christmas period. But bringing an evergreen tree in to the home stretches much farther back in history to Pagan and Roman times, where evergreen tree leaves symbolised life amid the dark, cold winter nights and to also observe that Spring is coming.

Displaying an evergreen tree in the home is also believed to represent everlasting hope and with the shape pointing to heaven, celebratory recognition of eternal life. The Romans decorated Laurel which is believed to honour their Emperor.

Personally, I just like anything that represents Christmas is coming and I can hear my husband groan as I dust off the mountain of board games!

What type of tree is for you?

This is a popular question as there are a few forms in which a tree can be purchased.

The 3 main types are Cut, Potted and Pot Grown.

Many large Christmas Trees are supplied as ‘Cut’. This is when the trees have been cut from the fields, wrapped in netting and transported ready to put up in your home, lasting for a few weeks before they need disposing or wood chipping. They do best when their trunk is sat in water and away from any direct heat source.

‘Potted’ trees are cheaper than ‘Pot Grown’ but rarely survive past the Christmas period as they have literally just been dug up with little to no roots and put in a pot with compost for display in our warm homes. Simply the needles are thirsty requiring more water than the root structure can provide and gradually die, so you are no better off than buying a cut tree.

I’d recommend looking out for ‘Pot Grown’ trees. These have been grown in pots on nurseries all along. They may be slightly more expensive, but they will therefore have substantial, established root systems surviving in your heated home this Christmas and beyond! After Christmas simply move the containerised tree outdoors and feed and water as you would any other garden plant for many years of environmentally sound Christmases growing 15cm (6in) to 20cm (8in) per year.

(Picture) A beautiful hand selected U.K. pot grown** Plants2Gardens Christmas Tree.

As you know, I like to give you ‘our bunch’ a little inside knowledge and this week, our Pot Grown trees are the star of the show in our deal so keep an eye out for this in a couple of days: Nordmann Christmas Tree - Pot Grown

Are Christmas Trees poisonous /toxic to dogs and cats?

I am very pleased to say that no toxic effects have been reported relating to any animals with regards to Christmas Trees. The main associated issues are with the needles occasionally getting stuck in those paws which can be uncomfortable.

Which Christmas Trees are the best?

We supply the Abies Nordmanniana – Nordmann Fir variety for many reasons including the following;

  • Renowned for its reliable performance
  • Beautiful appearance/ tiered structure
  • Aromatic foliage
  • Retains its needles
  • Disease resistance

I’m feeling very Christmassy after writing this blog and I hope that I’ve helped you to get in the Christmas spirit a little too (perhaps you didn’t need any help with feeling the vibes and have even been very organised with your pressies!). Remember that we still have the Christmas Planters available as a treat for yourself or they also make a great gift, here is a quick link to our festive lines: View Christmas Collection

Another fab idea as a treat for yourself or a friend/relative would be our Sarcococca, adding some gorgeous, welcomed colour and fragrance to your garden or outside space during the Winter months, perfect in a pot or in the ground: Sarcococca confusa - Sweet Box or Christmas Box

A gentle reminder – November is ideally the last chance to get your tulip bulbs in the ground or in your pots but don't panic, we still have some fantastic, chunky bulbs available including amazing deals on our stunning Tulip Viridiflora, Tulip Mixed Packs and Double Daffodil Collections.

An additional layer of clothing has been required for the dog walks this week, but I bravely removed a glove to take this photo, chilly but sunny mornings are the best.

We also enjoyed cake in the office again last week for the boss’s birthday, and yes, Ken is 21 again!

Take care,


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