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Free Delivery On All Orders Over £50
Delightful Displays and Daffodil Duties

Delightful Displays and Daffodil Duties

Spring is in full swing (bit of a tongue twister for you!) and some of our lovely customers have been sharing photos with us of their beautiful displays so I thought I would share a couple with you to add some cheery colour to our day.

Here we have a photo from Janice showing us her Prunus that she purchased from us 3 years ago, what and absolute beauty!  We also have Jane’s colourful planter showing a wonderful contrast in colour with the Tete Boucle and Primroses as well as Barbara’s gorgeous, vibrant Primrose display.  Thank you so much for sharing these with us ladies.

Now for a few tips on what we need to think about at this time of the year (and plan in on a sunny day of course).  It’s a great time to plant out those hardy perennials as the temperature is slowly rising and we have a large range on the website, simply click on ‘Perennials’ from the ‘Choose Your Plant’ drop down menu on our home page and have a browse.  We have started to dispatch these and will be doing so regularly for weeks to come and please do drop me an email if you have any questions. Even with the recent cold spell, many brave perennials have begun to peep through the surface of the soil so have a little wander around your garden to spot those bare patches and fill them in with something pretty.

Once again, the daffodils have really made me smile but many have started to go over now.  A good tip is to remove those spent flowers to tidy them up a bit but don’t remove the leaves or tie them up as this is gathering energy to push back into the bulb for next season. Leave them for at least a further 6 weeks, or longer to allow them to die back naturally harnessing all the energy possible. It’s a good idea to feed with a tomato type food now as this will be stored in the bulb for bigger, bolder displays next year.

If you have some daffodils that sadly didn’t flower, this is called bulb blindness and we would recommend digging them up now and inspect to see if they are overcrowded or diseased. Discard any diseased bulbs and replant the healthy bulbs giving them more space. Always plant 2 times the depth of the bulb as being too deep or too shallow can mean they don’t produce flowers too. Ken, Louise and James are busy working on the next spring bulb range which will soon be on our website, so keep checking the site for new additions.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and keep the photos coming as we love to see them.

Take care, Lins x

Lindsey (Customer Service)

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