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Free Delivery On All Orders Over £50
A Very Merry Christmas to our Wonderful Bunch

A Very Merry Christmas to our Wonderful Bunch

I’m wrapping pressies, playing all of the Christmas tunes and even opened the Baileys, it can only mean one thing, IT’S CHRISTMAS!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all so much for your continued support and for being part of our wonderful bunch. We are only a small company, 8 of us in the team and this means we all feel the joy when we hear from our happy customers as we have all played a part in every single order (I also get very excited when I receive positive feedback regarding my blog too). So, thank you for being in our bunch, we really do appreciate it.

Our nursery is closed now for a well-earned Christmas break and whilst we will be taking orders on the website, they won’t be despatched until we return in the new year. It can get a little frantic with the carriers over the festive period and this avoids live plants getting stuck in transport.

Kirsty has been baking again and oh my goodness, the Christmas Spiced cake she kindly shared has gone down a treat, in fact, it had half gone by the time I took a photo. It was an absolute beast of a cake with 3 layers and even homemade shortbreads and gingerbread too, scrumptious 

Christmas Jumper Day, Christingle Service, catching ups with friends, raffles and fetes, having relatives visit and the general hustle and bustle of Christmas is all good fun but I am also looking forward to escaping to the garden over the festive period. Whether it be a little pruning, tidying or maybe even planting a couple of new shrubs, I’m thankful for this time to get some fresh air and to be honest, stop eating for a couple of hours!

I’m actually very tempted by another Nandina, my favourite evergreen. The Nandina I planted a few years ago is amazing and luckily with it being in the ground, I literally haven’t really had to do anything with it, so easy and undemanding. Colour changing foliage, flowers and berries, maybe I will treat myself, if I can’t do that at Christmas then when can I? This one will most probably go in a planter closer to the back door as I can then appreciate it every day. Click Here For More Nandina Information

With yesterday being the shortest day, we can look forward to our daylight hours increasing slowly but surely. We’ve been chatting about this in the office and Winter solstice gives us all a little boost and to be honest, it’s much more appealing to roll out of bed if there is even a smidgen of light peeping through the curtains. We’ve been privileged with a few spectacular sunrises though recently, red sky in the morning may be a warning but being greeted with this when I opened our gate was a real delight, just stunning 

Thank you for reading my blogs and please do keep in touch with any little wins, especially any photos of your P2G purchases that you are particularly chuffed with.

Have a wonderful Christmas week, keep warm and enjoy some treats as I am sure that you are all on Santa’s good list!

Merry Christmas to you all from the Plants2Gardens team,


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