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Time to contemplate, replicate or tweak?

Time to contemplate, replicate or tweak?

Whether you were with the family, friends or had a quiet one, we hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

I don’t know about you, but I always find this week between Christmas and New Year a bit bizarre as I’m very lucky to not have work or do the school runs but this means I’m occasionally not entirely sure what day it is – welcome to Crimbo Limbo!

Whilst I research leftover ham and turkey recipes and graze on the remaining Christmas snacks (helpfully taking one for the team there) I realised that this is also a perfect opportunity to cast my mind back and reminisce the garden triumphs and flops from throughout the year.  

My procrastinating can be a lengthy process as my mind does tend to wander but this year I am determined to be on the ball, adding some early colour to my garden and reserving my summer bedding at the very least.  Choosing Spring and Summer plants to fill our gardens with cheerful colour is always an absolute treat and we can reserve these now as they are live on our website!

I do enjoy a mix of colours in my pots, baskets and beds but I’ve realised that I subconsciously get drawn towards warming shades, hence planting Lantana last year but I fancy something new and different this year and no matter how often I browse the website, I can’t help but be drawn towards the stunning Dahlia Lubega Collection.  Louise and Gilly personally selected the varieties in this collection and gee whiz, what a striking and spectacular compilation of colour.  Decision made; Dahlia 10 Plant Colour Collection is top of my list! Click Here To View Our Dahlia Collection

Hands up, confession time!  So maybe I didn’t tend to my veg patch as often as I should have last year, I could make all kinds of excuses, but this year is going to be a year of home-grown fruit starting with Strawberry plants which are available for delivery from 21st February. Click Here To View Our Strawberry Plants

I love the structure that my Mini Orchard Fruit Trees give my garden, and my Blueberry bush is just lush but what other fruit could I add to my collection?  If you’re also keen to increase your crops then how about a Prunus Napoleon, edible cherry tree, it’s always a winner in my book if you can pick fruit to eat whilst wandering around the garden and win the race against the birds! Click Here To View Our Prunus Napoleon

Sitting snugly by the fire and feeling very positive after a little reflection and plotting for the months ahead, new year, new plans

I hope you all enjoy your Crimbo Limbo week whatever you have on the agenda, and I will be back in 2022 (aka next week).

Take care,


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