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Free Delivery On All Orders Over £50
Beat the January Blues by Injecting Colour!

Beat the January Blues by Injecting Colour!

Hello Gardening Bunch and a very Happy New Year to you all from the team here at P2G.

Before I head off to the sales to grab a slightly larger pair of jeans, I’m here this week to help us all nip those January blues in the bud and what better way to do this than planning ways in which we can brighten up our view on a cold January day.

After the chaos of Christmas, I feel we need something to kick off the New Year with a colour boost on our patios or balcony’s. We need warm colours, we need low maintenance, we need a quick and easy little project with big impact that will make us smile. I therefore cheerfully declare that this week’s deal includes 20% off some outstanding plants to kick Blue Monday into touch;

Cordyline Pink Passion – Tropical and vibrant yet hardy palm with dramatic appearance giving fantastic structure. Perfect in a pot and simply snip off outer leaves to the stem as they die back, and new shoots will grow from the centre. Water only when the top of the soil feels dry to touch and apply some slow release fertiliser twice a year, once in the Autumn and again in the Spring. Click Here To View Cordyline Pink Passion

Coprosma – Rounded evergreen shrub with beautiful blends of colour, warming shades of foliage is a real treat for the eyes. Tequila Sunrise is perfectly happy in a pot or in your garden border. Simply prune to shape in the Spring if required and feed with a slow release fertiliser once in the Autumn and once in the Spring. Click Here To View Coprosma

Simply choose your style (to be honest, with 20% off, who could blame us for having more than one) and pencil in an afternoon project for a cold January day - plant up these amazing colourful shrubs to give immediate impact on the patio.

It takes a little self-persuasion to get out in the garden at this time of year but we all know that the fresh air and sense of achievement make it all so worthwhile and if you position your new Winter colour plants near a window, you can enjoy their beauty instantly whilst enjoying a warming cuppa!

Both the Cordyline and Coprosma are drought tolerant varieties and there is no real pruning required, adding structure and colour to the garden in one hit. We have sourced some real beauties to liven up our gardens at this time of year and in addition to those mentioned we also have Cornus, Pieris and more so please do check out our Winter Colour Shrubs here - Winter Colour Shrubs

Underplanting with primroses is also a brilliant idea and always adds an extra colour lift on a grey day, we believe these double primroses would look fantastic planted in the pots around your shrubs: Click Here To View Primroses. James has kindly recorded a little video to demonstrate how we could plant up our shrubs and bedding to really pimp up our pots which is really useful and helps to reassure us that it isn’t daunting, we can all do this so let’s give it a go 

By the way, after my disappointment with the lack of gingerbread biscuits that actually made it home with Fred from school at the beginning of December, we managed to fit in baking our own. They ended up being too late to give as pressies but hey ho, we will force them down. 

Here’s to 2022 and fingers crossed for a happy and healthy year ahead for our gardening bunch.


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