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Some Juicy Gossip – Perfect time to plant fruit trees

Some Juicy Gossip – Perfect time to plant fruit trees

Picture the scene…
Relaxing in the garden on a warm summers’ day with a cold glass of lemonade (ok, wine?) and gently prising a juicy nectarine from your very own tree to munch on. Sounds like a dream but this could actually be a reality, I excitedly introduce to you our Nectarine Fantasia!

We are thrilled to be supplying this amazing fruit tree this year and have decided to launch it with a bang with exclusive news that it will be our deal this week including a free patio container to plant it in/Sulphur Fruit and Veg nutritious food. Keep your eyes on your inbox this week for details of the deal

There really is nothing like experiencing the whole journey from planting the tree, enjoying the immensely attractive pink blossom and the main event of being able to pick and eat your very own produce straight from the tree. Why not plan ahead now for bountiful summer/autumn crops.

Nectarine Fantasia would be a superb addition to your ‘self-sufficient’ collection of fruits and veggies but also a great place to start for any newbies as not only is it self-fertile, it also has a high disease resistance. The gorgeous blossom makes way to mouth-watering fruits which turn a shade of vivid orange when ripe and don’t be put off by the appearance of the tree (pretty much a twig with roots at this time of year) as we supply these as bare-roots and this is the best way to receive and plant them.

If like me, the sound of planting a fruit tree sounds a bit daunting, have no fear as James has kindly produced a fab, informative tutorial video that we can all access and watch numerous times if needed (its actually pretty straight forward)

Growing our own fruit and vegetables has been a very popular hobby for decades and this is quite possibly more important now than ever as we can all play our part in reducing the airmiles of products. Eating fresh from our garden is not only massively satisfying, but it also feels safe too as we know exactly how the produce has been cared for.

If nectarines don’t really tickle your tastebuds but you fancy giving ‘home grown’ a try, then take a look at our ‘Grow Your Own’ section on the website as we have some great ideas to get you started or even add to your collection: Click Here For Our Grown Your Own Selection

Whether you have a veg patch or a small patio/balcony, growing fruit is absolutely possible and we have some brilliant pots available that would be suitable for fruit trees and all of your fruity delights, check out our Woodford, Mediterranean and many other planters here Containers and if you need any help or advice then please do drop me an email and I will give you a hand.

We’ve had some beautiful frosty, sunny mornings and I hope you are all keeping warm.

Take care, Lins.

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