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Early Colour and Year-Round Garden Fragrance

Early Colour and Year-Round Garden Fragrance

It seems a little hard to believe right now but Spring is round the corner, I promise, and if you don’t believe me then the daffodils will verify. Days are getting longer and in just over a month, we will be Springing those clocks forward. Have you started to venture out and enjoy a little more time in the garden, maybe with a cuppa to take the edge off or is it still a touch too chilly?

I must admit, I feel a little in limbo land at the moment as it still feels very much like the depths of Winter but I am so eager to get cracking with some new Springtime delights and I have therefore decided to grill Ken with regards to what jobs we can do in preparation for Spring (and distract me from getting too carried away).

  • Resisting the urge to prune back all of your perennials in the Autumn allows an enchanting winter display of frosted cobwebs but if your secateurs are getting a little twitchy then feel free to tidy up a few.
  • Consider a bare root fruit tree (or 2) as a new addition with big benefits or even add to your collection. Perfect for planting now.
  • Tidy up some pot and planters and give them a clean in anticipation for any new arrivals.
  • Help the birds to quench their thirst and have a little splash by incorporating a few water stations, even just a small dish will be appreciated.
  • Prepare your greenhouse to welcome new seedlings and bedding plants including the roof to allow as much light as possible.
  • Try to keep off the grass unless it’s for something very important like building a snowman/woman.
  • Pruning apple and pear trees is a brilliant winter warmer job
  • Snipping back your summer flowering shrubs ready for the new growth/buds including buddleia and clematis.

My Top Plant Purchase right now?

With an abundance of fantastic feedback over the last few years, this is an absolute treat. Eriostemon White Girl gives early colour and fragrance. Keep your eyes on your inbox this week because the Eriostemon White Girl is our DEAL OF THE WEEK and will include a FREE PLANTER

Brush against the foliage to release the lemony scented fragrance of the foliage, it smells just like a gin and tonic, hence the alternative name, Gin and Tonic plant. Not only does the foliage smell divine, it is also known as the wax flower due to its beautiful blooms being so perfect and glossy as if made of wax.

This upright shrub with evergreen, slender foliage will be covered in masses of white flowers and is also pretty drought tolerant too. Just a simple prune to shape after flowering and reap the benefits year after year.

What a fab way to acknowledge World Wildlife Day on 3rd March by adding an Eriostemon to your outside space to give a helping hand to those early pollinators.

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