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Birds and Blank Canvas Ideas

Birds and Blank Canvas Ideas

Birds are so entertaining to watch in our gardens or any outside space whilst out on a walk or taking a break on the park bench. They can be a wonderful distraction and often quite comical and our birds are a real asset in the garden too as they help us to control the population of caterpillars and aphids which can create havoc amongst our plants and veggies.

When it comes to feeding our feathered friends basically try to use a feeder which is appropriate according to the size of the food being offered. A wire mesh feeder is ideal for peanuts and specific seed feeders can be purchased with suitably sized holes. Shrubs and trees which produce berries and fruits are also appreciated as you can’t beat a fresh, juicy treat. (Our Plants For Wildlife Section Is A Perfect Place To Start) A source of water is also helpful all year round for drinking and for bathing.

With it being National Nest Box Week, why not start a new project and build a wonderful Nest Box that you can position on a tree, fence or wall to encourage the birds and give them shelter for their little ones. It can be so interesting watching the birds come and go whilst gathering bits n bobs for their nest and then foraging for goodies for their chirpy chicks.

It can be a little daunting for some people when they have a fairly blank canvas to work with when they move into a new build house for example and I have therefore been researching ways in which you can create impact and interest:

  1. Laying some kind of path is a great place to start as this not only gives you a good idea of space and walkways but also reduces the chances of you getting muddy each time you step outside
  2. Decide where you would like your garden beds and borders and dig over the soil. Incorporate some organic matter such as manure as this will really improve the quality of the soil ready for planting.
  3. Painting your fences a darker shade will really help the plants and flowers to stand out and attaching some trellis to encourage climbing plants with add height and break up the colours.
  4. When it comes to choosing your plants, this can be a big topic and all I will say is, variety is the spice of life! Think about heights, spreads, colours, evergreens etc. If you would like any advice, you know where we are. Consider the wildlife too and choose some varieties that produce berries as well as dense foliage in which wildlife can take shelter or make a home.
  5. Planting can be carried out all year round as long as the soil isn’t frozen but the best times to plant are in the spring and in the autumn if possible.
  6. Pots and containers can also add another dimension of interest, and these can of course be moved around depending on preference throughout the year. Ideal positions are usually by paths, doorways or on a patio to appreciate the colour and scents.
  7. Larger shrubs and trees can also create structure and variety as well as providing some extra privacy.
  8. Don’t forget to accessorise! Decorative bird baths, nest boxes and bug hotels will be appreciated and make yourself a comfortable area in which you can escape to with cushions and lighting.

Have a lovely week,


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