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Spring Colour Bedding and Summer Bulb Bonanza!

Spring Colour Bedding and Summer Bulb Bonanza!

Daffodil and Bluebell foliage is starting to emerge in my garden making me smile as I pass and igniting thoughts of longer days and outdoor antics with the family, what a wonderful time of the year, full of promise and optimism.

The early signs of Spring have given me so much motivation and conjured up my curiosity, prompting some seasonal questions. So, let’s get some answers and ideas.

When can I plant bulbs ready for Summer Colour?

Now is the perfect time to purchase and plan in planting some bulbs to make a little investment for the months to come, just pop them in and let them do their thing. We have a fantastic collection containing Hymenocallis bulbs to help you to create a Summer Bulb Bonanza and this would be a quick and easy job that will reward you with a stunning display throughout the summer months. We can dust off those gloves and trowel and start creating a head turning Summer Spectacle. View Our Hymenocallis Collection Here

Planting bulbs is such a quick yet satisfying job to do but if you are a little unsure about how to plant bulbs then please do take a look at this fab video we have recorded to help reassure you.

What plants will flower during the Spring? How can I add colour to my garden now?

Spring flowering Primula and Primrose are fabulous plants to add some instant blooms of colour to your outside space right now. For big impact, how about our Primula Double Shades Collection bursting with colour or maybe the perfectly pastel tones of Primula Provence.

What do I need to do before planting Bulbs or Primroses in pots/containers?

If, like me, you have Autumn/Winter bedding still putting on a show in some pots and then other pots that haven’t been touched since Summer bedding, then now is a good time to Spring them back into action. Remove any old compost and give the planters a good clean (if the compost isn’t very old then you could always remove the top layer and top up with fresh compost). Make sure the pots have been properly rinsed after cleaning and fill with fresh compost.

It’s worth mentioning our Bags of Goodness as in my opinion, they are a time saving wonder and give me less to remember which is always a bonus. Basically, they are similar to tea bags and each contain all of the nutrients your plants need for the whole season. Yes, I know, what a marvellous idea! Just fill your pot or container to approximately half way with compost, pop in a bag and continue with your planting and boom, no need to feed! Our Bags of Goodness and Compost can be found here.

Bring on the Spring Bedding and Bulbs!

Take care,


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