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Free Delivery On All Orders Over £50
Wake up your Spring Garden – Prunus Perfection!

Wake up your Spring Garden – Prunus Perfection!

There really is no better way to celebrate the anticipated arrival of Springtime in your garden than with a flowering cherry, the epitome of Spring blossom!

Whilst compiling our Flowering Cherry Trees (Prunus) wish list and choosing our favourites to feature on our website, we wanted to take into consideration outside space of all shapes and sizes to ensure anyone can have a beautiful, blossom tree.

Whether it be pretty pink blossom or fresh white, Prunus Ruby and Prunus Brilliant will be an absolute delight this Spring and for many years to come with many benefits;

  • Trees of any size are great for the environment
  • Berries for birds and fallen fruits adds nutrients to your soil and feeds the wildlife - Visit Our Wildlife Section
  • Small trees perfect for smaller gardens to create a focal point
  • Reliable, low maintenance and fuss free giving a fabulous display every year and for many years to come
  • Compact and tidy, growing to approximately 2.5 meters and will not take over your outside space
  • Great food source for early pollinators
  • Instant impact and covered in blossom during the Spring
  • Architectural shape to add interest and structure all year round to your outside space
  • Gorgeous autumnal leaf colour
  • Very versatile, superb for planting in containers on your patio or even on your balcony or alternatively, in your garden bed or border
  • Brilliant as matching pairs to frame doorways or paths
  • Reduces your carbon footprint

Our established Prunus Brilliant and Prunus Nipponica Ruby (also known as Japanese Alpine Cherry) are perfect in a pot and Ko Jo No Mai would be ideal on a tiny balcony. These varieties produce berries which are best left for the birds but if you fancy a cherry tree from which you can enjoy the fruits yourself then have no fear, we are excited to also be supplying the British Bred Napoleon yet again – delicious!

Our Prunus (Cherry) are supplied as established trees ready to perform and produce a stunning display this year. Here is my flowering cherry which is covered in blossom every spring and when the blossom falls it snows petals across the lawn, so pretty! Can you spot the busy bumble bee? 

Please feel free to have a browse on our website and if you have any questions then drop me an email.

Take care,


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