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Full of grace – Magnolia

Full of grace – Magnolia

Everyone has heard of a Magnolia but have you ever had one in your garden? Maybe you have overlooked the idea of planting a Magnolia as it may be too big or perhaps you have taken a wide berth as they may be tricky to care for?

Believe me, you are not alone as I was always under the impression that Magnolias were always huge, statement trees in large gardens but I am here this week to reassure you that these wonderful trees are available in many fantastic varieties, perfectly suitable for a smaller space.

Magnolias have been a firm favourite for decades and it is easy to see why with their showy, elegant blooms and tactile foliage, creating a sensational spectacle of interest year after year and now is a great time to invest as they will be in full bloom very soon.

Could I grow a Magnolia in a small garden?

Absolutely! Magnolia trees are stunning and people with a more petite outside space should not miss out. Our Magnolia Little Gem is perfect for any sized garden and particularly those a little short for space whether it be in a decorative planter or in the bed or border and the amazing added bonus is, it’s also evergreen! Displaying lightly scented white, goblet shaped blooms in around August/September and tactile shiny leaves with a furry underside, it will create a talking point for many years to come. We have purposely plumped for this variety due to its compact and tidy habit, growing to approximately 2 metres within 5-10 years and not only that, it’s also very easy to plant and look after too. Full care instructions are included with delivery but to be honest, it’s very low maintenance.

How fast do Magnolia Grow?

Magnolias are slow growing and are considered an investment for years to come. For example, Stellata, with its unusual white, star shaped blooms will grow to approximately 3 metres but this could take 10 years or more depending on location.

Are Magnolia flowers all the same?

With over 200 different varieties, there really is a Magnolia for everyone. The shape of the flowers range from charming cups to classic tulip shapes of Soulangeana Susan through to the stunning starry blooms of Stellata in shades from white through to pink/purple.

Do Magnolias have a fragrance?

Magnolia blooms are sure to turn heads but many varieties also hold a fresh scent. Evergreen Magnolias flower a little later, usually around August/September and these varieties, such as the Little Gem mentioned earlier, tend to have a gorgeous, gentle scent.

Do Magnolias require special soil or compost?

Most will grow in any soil type but there are some varieties which prefer a more acidic soil. My 2 favourites, Little Gem and Susan are not too fussy about their soil but PH testing kits are available at most garden centres and online if you wish to purchase a plant which prefers acidic soil. We also supply Sulphur Soil granules which is a natural soil acidifier.

If you have a sunny, sheltered spot then maybe consider adding a graceful and iconic Magnolia to your outside space.

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