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Pollen Party and Beneficial Bugs

Pollen Party and Beneficial Bugs

We had such a fun start to the week with a welcomed and refreshing ‘snow day’ and whilst constructing Clive the Caterpillar out of the snow with the kids, it reminded me to put some seeds out for the birds and in turn, start to mull over some ideas to create a pollen party for the bees and other beneficial bugs!

We have over 250 species of bees in the UK but sadly this number is declining with many species becoming extinct or at risk, but we can help them with just a few little changes or additions to our outside space.  With this in mind, we have made a conscious effort to clearly label plants on our website that are particularly helpful in providing essential nectar for these busy busy bees with either the RHS Perfect for Pollinators logo or making a note in the description.

Winter is the perfect time to think about this as we can then ensure we have a lovely supply of nectar-rich plants and with our ‘Plants for Feeding Pollinating Insects’ collection now live on the website for delivery at the beginning of March, the timing is spot on! Plants for Feeding Pollinating Insects

Having a little source of water, some long grasses, a hedge and even a compost heap can also really help the bees.  My 2 always try to help the drowsy bees with a spoon of sugary water to give a needed boost and they made their Creepy Crawly Care Home and Bugtastic B&B which are still going strong, they love it when they see a bug coming and going.

I must admit, I get drawn towards cottage garden style plants just like the bees, a few of my favourites being penstemon, lavender and verbena.  So, have a little peruse of our wildlife section when you get a moment and of course, email me if you have any questions or would like a any advice at all.

Take care,


Lindsey (Customer Service)

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