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Gardening Blog: Segmenting, Screening and Shaping!

Gardening Blog: Segmenting, Screening and Shaping!

Until I had a chat with James this week, I had actually forgotten about many productive jobs we can do in our gardens during January and one task ideally suited to this time of the year is actually quite exciting and has such a positive, visual impact.

It’s the perfect time to add some hedging to your outside space, and this
doesn’t just mean around the border of your garden, you can be as creative as
you like, so let those imaginations run wild!

Sectioning a garden with a low hedge can give some lovely structure to your
space and I also intent to use this idea to divide our little veg patch into areas (I
reckon this may also seem less daunting when it comes to weeding as I can
tackle it one section at a time!). Hedging can also create a defined and impactful garden bed boundary and frame a pathway beautifully.

I’m now much more on the ball when it comes to the many benefits of
hedging. Using evergreen shrubs as a hedge can create a screen to block
visually as well as reduce noise pollution. A hedge can collect dirt and dust
that would otherwise reach our house (if this means I wouldn’t need to clean
the windows as much then it’s defo a winner in my book!). But of course, the
best bit is giving many bugs, birds and other beneficial insects a place they can
call home.

( This weeks deal of the week - Euonymus Ovatus Aureus 5 Plant Hedge Pack )

We have a number of shrubs available on the website which are suitable to use
to create your own hedge and our Deal of the Week Euonymus plants are
perfect, growing to approximately 6ft in 5 years (pruning can of course help to
control the growth/height). Check it out here: deal of the week

No matter what size or shape, Happy Hedging everyone!


Lindsey (Customer Service)

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