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Gardening Tips - Weed Wipe Out!

Gardening Tips - Weed Wipe Out!

I’m on a mission this week everyone, a weed wipe-out mission!  Come on, who’s with me?  Those pesky perennial weeds are still loitering around, and they are not going to know what’s hit them as I grab my Border Wizard, gloves and weed bag, they’re gonna be quaking in their roots (you see what I did there!)

Honestly, my gardening best friend, the Border Wizard, really is awesome and is used all year round in my garden and it’s being put through its paces again.  We’ve sold thousands of this handy and versatile tool and I’m so pleased it’s back again to give more of you, our wonderful customers, the chance to grab one for yourself or even for a family member or friend (Christmas pressie idea?), here’s the link if you fancy a little look: 

Here’s the plan, I’m going to aim to do a bit of a Border Wizard workout on my veg patch and garden borders every couple of days for the next week or so I reckon (it’s a pretty low intensity workout to be fair as the height of the handle reduces your bending – huge bonus!), this will obviously be weather dependant as I imagine there’s going to be a few soggy dog walks and school runs so if I spot the sun making even a brief appearance, I’m on it!  Just had a thought, I’m going to churn in some slow release fertiliser while I’m at it to give the plants a little autumnal boost and we’ll reap the benefits in the spring (may need the sun to shine for a little longer so fingers crossed).  In actual fact, Sulphur Soil is great for adding loads of yummy nutrients to your soil or other slow release fertilisers like bonemeal will do the trick too.

I chatted to my colleague and friend James about this and he explained that now is a fab time to tackle the perennial weeds as it will make a huge difference in the Spring and the Border Wizard will make this so much easier.  All I do is simply place the Border Wizard prongs over the weed, sink them into the ground (I judge the depth depending on how compact the soil is), gently rotate the handle and hey presto, if you lift at a slight angle, the weed pops out.  Effective, efficient and easy on the back!  A top tip is to also use the Border Wizard to aerate the lawn by using the prongs to pierce holes in the soil, - great for soggy areas of grass too, helping the water to be absorbed.  

A tool to make some of the garden jobs a little easier (and actually more enjoyable) has to be a winner in my book and that is why it is my Gardening Bestie!

Enjoy your Wizardry, or whatever you achieve this week no matter how big or small,


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