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How to plant Peonies

How to plant Peonies

I was standing in the garden a couple of weeks ago, watching the dogs run about like mad things and I happened to find myself in a little sun-trap. For the first time in a little while the warmth of the sun on my face made me desperate to stay out a little longer.

Now is the perfect time to plant out bare root peonies, so if you find a little window of opportunity grab it and get planting.

I absolutely love it when the peonies flower in the garden, they’re such a pretty sight and always feel a little decadent with their blousy blooms and over-sized foliage. And once established there are plenty of flowers to cut and bring into the house too.

Here's our very own Ken Evans with a step by step video tutorial on how to create a stunning Peony & Primrose Planter


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How to plant Peonies

Peonies are so easy to plant out, even if the bare roots might look a little daunting – just dig a hole slightly larger than the bare root you have and mix in a little slow release fertiliser to the planting hole. Pop them in with the eyes (the nice pink buds) facing upwards and cover with a couple of centimetres of soil, if the odd bit of bud pokes above the surface don’t panic, the important thing is to not plant them too deep or you will get lots and lots of lovely foliage but no flowers.

You can grow peonies in beds and borders or pots and containers depending on where you want to grow them and what space you have available, either way just remember to keep them watered and sit back and wait for the magic to happen. We do recommend that you pick a nice sunny spot for your peonies to perform at their best, but a little light shade won’t do them any harm.

Peonies do appreciate a little support for all their efforts, so we tend to use plant supports as they look a little more attractive in the border whilst you’re waiting for those plants to get going. We have decorative supports as well as the more classic design so there are options to suit all tastes and styles.

These wonderful, hardy plants will flower year after year in the garden, offering up a bigger, more bountiful display each time.

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