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Free Delivery On All Orders Over £50
Free Delivery On All Orders Over £50
Shout out to all the Mums – we rock!

Shout out to all the Mums – we rock!

Go on, spoil us, push the boat out because Mother’s Day is approaching and it’s approaching fast!

Whilst we’re on the subject (I may be a little biased) but my goodness, we have some absolute treats on the website for your special mum or fabulous motherly figure in your life.  To be honest, let’s just treat whoever we like and why not treat ourselves as blimey, after the last year or so, we all deserve it.

For amazing impact in the garden year after year, Camellia blooms have to be right up there as one of the very best.  The huge, showy flowers are absolutely jam packed with petals and we have amazing, established, 3 litre plants ready to go!  We’ve even set up a special Mother’s Day deal including a free terracotta style planter meaning all you need is some ericaceous compost, and you (or your mum) are good to go.

Here's the link: AMAZING CAMELLIA DEAL- Get Your Free Planter Here.

Place your order this weekend and our fab team will pack your order ready for dispatch early next week and delivered in time for the big day, you will definitely get some brownie points for this one.

Keeping the ‘mum’ theme going, you may remember a blog from a few months ago where I included a photo of the pots me and mum planted up together with tulip bulbs and primroses?  Well, not meaning to blow my own trumpet or anything but check this out!  I’m very chuffed with myself, and mum of course, can’t wait to see the tulips in flower. 

The weather seems to be on the up (touch wood) and I’ve also been enjoying watching the busy bees wake up and get to work this week.

Have a lovely week all of you.

Take care, Lins x

Lindsey (Customer Service)

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