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The Top 4 Plants That Do Well In Direct Sun

The Top 4 Plants That Do Well In Direct Sun

The Great British weather can be somewhat unpredictable! However, Summer is fast approaching and there is always a 50/50 chance that it will be a scorcher. This can prove difficult in garden planning as not all plants and flowers fair well in direct sunlight. 

Here's 4 of the BEST plants that do well direct sunlight. We have focused on 'Annual Flowers' this time around but we will also be giving a guide on Perennials and Boarder Plants over the coming weeks. 


Number #1 - Petunia

Flowering from June to October Petunias will give many months of summer colour and they are ideal for creating gorgeous container and hanging basket displays.

We have a wide range of Petunias in our online store (click here). A great starting point is our Petunia Special Collection 12 Plant Pack, which includes; Petunia Designer Rosy Cheeks  (deep pink with a white picotee), Petunia Deisgner Ink Splash (deep purple with white markings), Petunia Ovation Dark Heart (purple with incredibly deep purple veining) and Petunia Ovation Lemon Chimes (lemon with a paler lemon margin and attractive veining).

Number #2 - Salvia

Salvia Adrian which bears white blooms, Salvia Amethyst with its beautiful purple blooms and Salvia Caradonna with violet blooms, all have aromatic grey-green foliage. Flowering from June to October these plants are ideal in beds and borders or pots and containers and will attract bees and butteflies to the garden.

We handpicked these three because they all hold the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit. They are available on our online store in an exclusive Salvia Collection 3 Plant Pack

Feed plants twice a year with slow release fertiliser in Spring and Autumn for best results and dead head regularly to encourage repeat flowering. Plants are fully hardy. Plant out in full sun.

Number #3 - Orostachys

A quirky and unusual plant which is ideal to add a modern style to your garden. Orostachys is a fabulous succulent plant with interesting spires of silvery-lavender cone-shaped rosettes.

This hardy plant (available online here) is great as a feature in pots and containers. Easy to care for they thrive in poor soils and prefer to not be watered too regularly.

With maturity these cones may produce tiny flowers. Plants create 'baby' plants with ease and create a mat effect across the soil surface. In hot summers the spiralled fleshy foliage has a spire of almost white blooms atop.

Number #4 - Geranium

Geranium are drought tolerant plants but will flower more if watered regularly especially in dry spells. Geraniums (pelargonium) are fabulous for summer containers or borders. Flowering early in the summer season and repeat flowering from May to the first frosts.

Geranium Horizon Pink Passion are ideal for containers and borders. Our Horizon Pink Passion Mix is both free-flowering and quick to flower driving fabulous displays throughout the summer. The large flower heads made up from clusters of individual buds are weather resistant meaning you get a great display even in our British summers and are held high on strong stems above the foliage canopy


Happy gardening,


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