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The Top 8 Plants For 'Instant Impact' In Your Garden

The Top 8 Plants For 'Instant Impact' In Your Garden

If you want to transform your garden fast and generate Instant Impact then these 8 plants provide the perfect solution.

From simply tending to empty planters crying out to be filled or the odd bare patch in the border, to complete instant garden transformations ready for a garden party or BBQ. These 8 plants have been hand selected by our team of experts to provide a quick long lasting fix that you can to mix and match to provide Instant Impact, whatever your needs may be.

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#1 Lavatera Collection

Containing award winning varieties, our Lavatera Collection is ideal for growing in a smaller space and will perform year after year. This collection contains the classic Barnsley Baby with its soft pink blooms and deep pink centre. Also included is Burgundy Wine, bearing deep pink flowers and finally Candy Floss with light pink blooms.

Supplied as 1 x 2ltr Barnsley Baby, 1 x 2ltr Burgundy Wine, 1 x 2ltr Candy Floss. Click Here To Buy Now

 #2 Hibsicus Sugar Tips

Ideal for growing in beds and borders or pots and containers this gorgeous Hibiscus is ideally suited to growing in the British climate.

Producing soft pink, double blooms from June to October, Sugar Tips also has fabulous variegated, marbled looking foliage in creamy-white and green. A highly floriferous variety that will offer many months of pleasure in the garden.

Supplied as 1 x 3ltr shrub. Click Here To Buy Now

#3 Alstromeria Collection

Flowering from June to November Alstromeria are a huge asset in the garden and are great for cut flower too.

Containing 3 varieties from the Majestic series this collection offers a great range of colours to flower for many months in the garden and being perennials they will come back each year, giving a more glorious display each time.

Majestic Maze bears white flowers with dark pink streaks. Serrant has sunny yellow and orange blooms and Tierce has salmon pink flowers.

Supplied as 1 x 2ltr Maze, 1 x 2ltr Serrant, 1 x 2ltr Tierce. Click Here To Buy Now 

#4 Agapanthus White Crystal

Huge pot grown Agapanthus with pure white ball shaped blooms!

This exceptional variety of Agapanthus bears balls of pure white trumpet shaped blooms on tall, sturdy flower stems. Buds appear pale yellow in colour before opening up to show gorgeous blooms.

Supplied as 1 x 7.5ltr Pot Grown Plant. Click Here To Buy Now

#5 Weigela Collection

Collection of 3 Weigela giving flowers for 6 months of the year?

Supplied as 3 different varieties of Weigela this fabulous collection has a long flowering period. Minor Black has dark purple foliage with rose pink flowers. Minuet has green foliage with pink flowers. Nana Variegata has cream and green foliage with soft pink blooms.

Supplied as 1 x 2ltr Minor Black, 1 x 2ltr Minuet, 1 x 2ltr Nana Variegata. Click Here To Buy Now 

#6 Osteospermum Sunny Collection

Masses of Daisy like blooms throughout the Summer.

If instant impact is what your garden needs these large Osteo plants are ideal. Grown in 1.5ltr pots for instant results this collection of Osteospermum Sunny's are ready to blooms. Supplied as 3 different colours: Dina bears cheery pink flowers, Mary has magenta blooms and Felix has classic white flowers.

Supplied as 1 x 1.5ltr Dina, 1 x 1.5ltr Mary, 1 x 1.5ltr Felix. Click Here To Buy Now 

#7 Geranium Rozanne


Not only does this fabulous Geranium hold the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit but also the RHS Award of the Centenary! And it's easy to see why.

Large violet blue flowers measuring upto 5cm across with attractive veining and a white centre all summer long and into the autumn. Plants will die back in cooler Autumns but not before putting on a glorious show of coloured foliage. Being a perennial variety plants will re-grow the following Spring.

Supplied as 3 x 2ltr Geranium Rozanne. Click Here To Buy Now 

#8 Vinca Collection

Collection of 3 evergreen Vinca to create a carpet of colour in garden.

The 3 varieties included in this collection are: Blue Gold with green foliage with a golden margin and purple/blue flowers. Atropurpurea bears purple blooms and holds the RHS Award of Garden Merit. The last one in the trio is Alba with its beautiful white blooms.

Supplied as 1 x 2ltr Blue Gold, 1 x 2ltr Atropurpurea and 1 x 2ltr Alba. Click Here To Buy Now

So there you have it, 8 amazing plants that are guaranteed to add Instant Impact to any garden. We hope you enjoy utilising these wonderful additions and please feel free to send us your 'before and after' pictures.

Happy gardening,


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