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Calliandra Dixie Pink

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The powder puff shrub with leaves that close at dusk!
Fabulous, tropical looking shrub with attractive, finely divided, mimosa like, glossy green leaves which are bronze tinged when young. Plant close to your summer patio where you can watch the leaves slowly close at dusk whilst you watch the sun set.

In summer pretty pink tufty flowers made up from hundreds of stamen with a fluffy like appearance from a white centre giving it the name the powder puff tree.

Not fully hardy but if planted in a container position in a sheltered spot against a south facing wall and it should not require any further protection. From manchester and further up this plant may need to come into a greenhouse or conservatory for winter.

Pune after flowering to keep the plant in shape.
Note this plant has been recently pruned on the nursery to encourage more flowering stems this summer and currently stands approx 25 - 30cm tall.

Contents: 1x 2 Litre Pot Grown Plant