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Cornus Alba Miracle

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Crimson stems in winter.

New growth stems begin in spring a light greeny red colour from which its leaves grow afresh each spring and are variegated cream, pink and green. As autumn approaches the leaves go through a range of colours in vibrant shades before falling in autumn to reveal a thicket of now crimson red stems. The erect upright stems provide interesting architectural and colourful display and look stunning in beds and containers.

A quick growing shrub that looks super in groups or planted with other dogwoods for a colourful autumn and winter display.
In summer off white clusters of flowers are loved by pollinating insects. The flowers often produce white berries with a blue hue that are loved by the birds.

Prune every 2nd or 3rd year all stems in late winter / early spring to 15cm (6in) above ground. This will stimulate the plant to produce lots more lush colourful shoots. To keep it more controlled simply prune hard all stems each spring.

Supplied as a 5 litre pot grown multi stemmed shrub 

Contents: 1x 5 litre Pot Grown Shrub