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Free Delivery On All Orders Over £50

Sulphur Fruit and Veg Feed

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Sweeter fruits and stronger plants.

Make your fruits taste sweeter- A lack of sulphur will cause an inadequate supply of the enzyme - rubisco- which changes carbon dioxide into sugars during photosynthesis. More sugar means sweeter fruit and vegetables.

A key element in plant growth , Sulphur is a secondary nutrient required for plant growth and its critical in the production of proteins, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes. Sulphur deficiency causes similar symptoms to lack of Nitrogen, yellowing of its upper and lower leaves.

Enhance your plants natural defence against diseases such as powdery mildew, rusts and leaf blights by ensuring a strong healthy plant. A stronger plant resists pest and damage caused by irregular watering too!

This non pesticide is safe for all year round treatment and made from naturally occurring sulphur so won't harm beneficial insects.

Simply mix 1 scoop (25g) in 1 litre of tepid water for hand held sprayer application. Apply to upper and lower leaves of your plants every 2-3 weeks. 1 litre will cover 25sq metres.
This pack contains 250 grams enough for 10 applications or 25 litres of treatment. covering 250sq metres. The size of the surface area of a standard swimming pool!

Treats fruit, vegetables and trees and ornamental garden plants.

Supplied as 1 x 250g resealable pouch and measuring scoop.

Contents: 1 x 250g Pouch and Scoop.