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Taxus baccata Fastigiata Robusta

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Columnar shaped upright Yew.

Commonly called the English Yew - Taxus baccata - this evergreen tree has been cultivated to form "Fastigiata Robusta" a slender sky rocket shape making it an ideal specimen to add a statement to your border.

Slow growing attractive evergreen plant with dense non prickly needle like foliage on the multiple upright stems. In winter the foliage turns so deep green it is almost black.
In autumn this plant may produce red berries for the birds from insignificant flowers in summer.

With origins dating back hundreds of years, yew trees make fantastic clipped hedges and topiary shapes appearing within the grounds of historical buildings, stately homes and churches. All parts of Yew are poisonous and they were often used to mark private land so common folks grazing animals were kept away.

Easy to care for this cultivar requires very little attention.
*When handling always use gloves and wash hands after handling. *POISONOUS IF EATEN*

Supplied as a 4.5 litre pot grown plant which is approximately 30cm high.

Contents: 1x 4.5 litre Pot Grown Plant